About Kamakhyaa For The Souls

It’s almost 3 years since Kamakhyaa was born, my child, my unconventional pandemic baby. Nothing was normal during COVID-19 except for loving what I had created even through the most helpless days of the era. While enduring the least amount of emotional or mental support, like many other sufferers, I was in denial of my depression & anxiety disorders.

It was mid 2022 with never ending failed attempts to feel normal or even enough with the help of professional therapy. As I go back in time now, I do realise that the process made me understand the huge gap between my expectations and reality then, that first compelled me to accept my life's reality as simple life facts. Nothing more or nothing less. I had to deeply understand that my life facts- no matter how much I hated to be in that spot, is just another life moment in a journey that is yet to be evolved. For me, this is when change started happening at this stage where I understood that my future will change as I deem to. Decluttering my reality with my goals while detaching with each expectation I had made me stop chasing for a better me. It is now that I realise how important detachment was to find peace within myself and for things to naturally fall in my favour.

As of today, when I am still finding ways to regulate my emotions with my past and present experiences, I feel a stronger urge to support those who are struggling with mental health difficulties. Beyond mental health awareness, I envision creating a safe haven for mental fitness for individuals who are suffering.

As the world realizes that perfection isn’t real, least of all “the perfect body”, yet all bodies are remarkable. Here, our team comes together to celebrate every inch, every flaw, and every ounce of our remarkable selves. We work to build and cultivate an inclusive community where people may seek assistance and connect with others who are on a similar journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance through inspiring personal stories, actionable tips, and tools. 

With the aim to create a supportive sanctuary for people to find their inner strength and take an active role in their own development and well-being. KFTS is a free open source platform with the aim of having expert-backed excursions, tricks, and worksheets. Our first goal is to assist you in finding peace within yourself to captivate your desired life.

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Mittali Puri