The Art of Healthy lifestyle

The Art of Healthy lifestyle

Strengthening our Response!

Yes, we talked about mental health but, what comes next? Healthy lifestyle! It is necessary to have a healthy lifestyle for maintaining a good success rate on all health parameters. We know that these are stressful times. The Covid-19 pandemic has made us more vulnerable and many of us are reacting in unconventional ways to tackle the situations arising. Let us stay together and focus on strengthening our response to these testing times.

Emphasise on a healthy lifestyle - by improving your family relationship during these testing times…

Your relationship with your family can have a huge impact on your life. It can affect many things, ranging from your social skills and your mental health to your physical health, needs and career. In fact, the way you feel at any given moment is often influenced by your family. Togetherness and bonding will make you sail through this phase effectively, especially during these tough times.

Spending time as a family is so important during this period! The fact that all family members are together at home all day can be seen as a chance to strengthen family relations and bonds. For instance, eating together, playing games, chatting, watching movies and reading books together can help empower relationships within the family.

The idea of living a healthy & sustainable lifestyle is about living in a way that supports a healthy body and mind, while also supporting the health of the planet, now in the present and for future generations to come. 


Here are a few more tips: 

  • Spend more time with nature: A healthy & sustainable lifestyle is one that is deeply connected with nature and the environment around us. Humans naturally gravitate towards nature and research has shown that just 15 minutes spent in nature can reduce cortisol levels (our body’s main stress hormone) by 16%. Less stress means a healthier body and mind.
  • Do physical activities: A healthy & sustainable lifestyle also includes more activities that support the health of the planet and tend to involve more physical movement. Be that you are skipping the bus to walk to work, or have decided to grow a small garden, these things naturally require movement and when combined consistently as they do in a sustainable lifestyle they result in a very constant state of mindful movement that supports a healthy body and mind.
  • Take time for yourself: To maintain a healthy & sustainable living, you should take time for yourself, rest by having good sleep that in so many ways is the foundation for healthy hormones, a healthy mind, and a healthy body. You should also do what you love to do. It could be the creation of any subject- art, design, self care by having a morning or night regime. Develop habits that are healthy and pleasing to you.
  • Social media detox: This can help comfort a distressed person. One can limit the time spent on the internet and technological devices and opt to be busy with more physical activities instead. This way social relations and psychological health of the family would thrive even in this period.
  • Balance your work & personal life: A healthy & sustainable living is founded on this notion that the goal shouldn't be how hard we can hustle, but how well we can balance work and rest. Designate proper time for eating, sleeping, working, studying, exercising, and having fun and stick to them as much as possible. Through self-discipline, people can stay active even when they must stay at home. This is a great pointer for an active and healthy lifestyle.

Now that we have borrowed a few tips, let us focus on continuing this healthy lifestyle and adapt to new post-pandemic scenarios. These kinds of lifestyle changes aren’t as simple as flipping a switch. It takes time to change habits. You’ll soon develop a sense for sustainability, and the pandemic is the perfect time to cultivate it. Hopefully, we all get vaccinated, and this pandemic will end sooner. But the fatigue caused will have to be worked upon. 

Coming back to our main source of health- our family environment: we all know that the single connection in our family that ties us together is a woman; who could be our mother, daughter, wife, sister…but who-so-ever she is… she exhibits perseverance and provides strength & courage to other family members, doesn't she? 

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Having mentioned that women are role models and their importance in helping us survive through these hard times is priceless, let’s celebrate them by adopting a healthy lifestyle and also re-energising ourselves for a better future. Gift your lovely lady with Kamakhyaa and also revitalise yourself with retail therapy that will make you feel good, not just because it’s for your lovely lady but also because you know you have made a conscious decision and have also strengthened a healthy and a better lifestyle to the person who has made your product!

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