How has Covid-19 changed the lives of many women?

How has Covid-19 changed the lives of many women?

 Here is a journey of some inspiring ones...


As women, we face gender biased conflicts daily, it's a part of life now and you know you need to deal with it, come what may! Having said that, in today’s world, as a woman you know your rights better, understand what’s wrong or right and stand up against any mishaps, which in itself is an accomplishment after being marginalized and oppressed as a gender for centuries. Talking about oppression, you must feel proud for the "Feminism movement” that stands stronger in today’s day and age than ever before. However, with more conversations around the movement everyday, we have seen differences in opinion and misconception in the minds of the people, about Feminism.

This is not a patriarchy bashing blog post. Well, not until now. Henceforth, we can't promise that though. While you were dealing with issues like lack of basic rights and amenities, the country was hit hard by the pandemic of the century - Covid19. The nationwide lockdown followed by the pandemic affected the economy, devastating it to its record breaking low.

“India being the second worst-hit major economy in Q2.” - Business Today.

Businesses were shut for days and months, having no sureness of when things would go back to normal. If you try to list the numerous things that went wrong because of Covid-19, this blog wouldn't be sufficient but we found something very interesting to share with you. We realized that Covid-19 changed the lives of many women and we chose not to complain, but instead work harder to come out stronger from its devastating impact. 

Covid-19 made sure of the increased dependency on online shopping/payments and women have managed to use it as a business technique very successfully, making them independent from the comfort and safety of their homes. The rise in the number of successful businesses led by women entrepreneurs has surprised us all. Your chest will swell with pride as we take you through the journey of such inspiring women. The digital world has given a platform to us, to be able to explore and innovate from the comfort of our homes. For the longest time we had barriers and constraints due to society and safety issues, however the availability of the internet and smartphones even in the most rural places has completely changed the scenario. 

From content creation to building your own brand, you now feel more comfortable and open about sharing content on digital platforms. It brings out the creative side, confidence and freedom that you have been striving for over the years. You must have observed that influencers and content creators are appreciated for their unique ideation and experiments. It empowers not just women with talent but anyone who manages to intrigue the audience regardless of their cast, religion and gender. Be it your industry entertainers like Ariana Grande, Kim Kardarshian, Selena Gomez, Shraddha Kapoor, Alia Bhatt and Deepika Padukone or social media entertainers like Kusha Kapila, Dolly Singh and Komal Pandey, women are ruling over the digital world, especially social media. You’re able to express views, impart knowledge, inspire the coming generation, all at the same time.

You can call out any form of bullying/mishap through social media without having to visit the police station or register a complaint officially. This enables you to dismiss and control a lot of crimes/conflicts faced by us on a regular basis. Women have developed their voice, showing a commendable response to opposers and haters.

For example if you remember the “Black and White Photo Challenge” started during Covid to spread awareness against femicide. The trend was picked up by all women around the world, even famous celebrities took up the challenge by posting a black and white picture of themselves and leaving the audience confused to raise questions. It was a rage immediately, everyone was talking about it and discussing it, the purpose of the challenge brought all women together enabling conversations and knowledge about this important women-centric issue. You can say that we as women have put in constant efforts at expanding our consciousness and establishing sustainable living post the Covid-19 havoc. 

In today’s world, even businesses must be Sustainable, responsible and conscious. These efforts will make your business stand apart from others, in today's time. Fashion designers and fashion students nowadays are more and more inclined towards sustainability, upon realizing that it is the need of the hour. Relatively newer fashion brands that you see on your social media are making sure of the bare minimum they must attain to become a sustainable fashion brand in today’s time. In fact some brands have sustainability as their USP. Most of these sustainable fashion brands are led by women like you & I, empowering and inspiring the entire community.

Given a chance- who run the world? Yes, you, girl as Beyonce rightly mentioned. Just on the basis of digital media being accessible to you, you were able to explore and grow so much. We have not only been appreciated for our content creation techniques but business management skills as well. As rightly said by the comedian Aishwarya Mohanraj in one of her comic sketches; “Women do not need an MBA, we kind of have it (mind-blowing management skills) in us since birth”. Women are everywhere, doing everything possible.

But we realized that for the longest time women haven't been given a strong and valid platform to speak their mind and showcase their abilities. Given the right platform and knowledge, women would reach Jupiter, before anyone else! Not because it rains diamonds there but because we have the strength and smartness to do so.

At Kamakhyaa, we understand the importance of a right platform where your views matter and work is appreciated hence introducing to you #KamakhyaaCares, a platform for you to explore your thoughts, discuss it and get acknowledged for it. Let us connect, discuss and evolve together. 

#KamakhyaaCares for you, me and the environment around us. We bring like-minded women who have knowledge to impart regarding the right ways to have a sustainable living. This will allow us all to get educated together and make the world a better place to live in, for everyone. Through this platform, Kamakhyaa wishes to enable a channel for you to express your creative thoughts, ideas, dreams and desires while we share some kick-ass ideas for sustainable ways to exist on this planet for you to take inspiration from.

So what are you waiting for? Let's start the journey together.

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