Are dreams & desires mere hallucinations?

Are dreams & desires mere hallucinations?

Do we dream? Of course, we do! Studies say dreams are mere hallucinations. Hallucinating is one of the symptoms schizophrenia? Does this mean that we are Schizophrenic? Probably not, since that's a mental health issue that needs proper diagnosis. But can we correlate our dreams & desires to bigger mental health issues? 

In India, at least 3 out of every 1000 are suffering from schizophrenia. As we experience hallucinations that make us experience sensations that are not comprehensible to others, to the person experiencing them, it may seem real, urgent and vivid but, roughly 70% of people with schizophrenia experience hallucinations.. 

Are mental health issues just the result of stress & anxiety which we experience in our daily lives? The answer is: yes. Now, you could relate to what we are trying to say! All of us dream big. We have these deep desires of conquering this world; at least millennials and Gen-Z generations who are tech-savvy and are quite ambitious. 

Fashion industry, the part of the creative world, has fallen prey to mental health disorders. People who aspire fashion consistently also are the victims of their mood swings. But whyWe understand that dressing how you want to feel is a way to embody the state of mind you seek and to shape other people's perception of you in a positive way. But fashion doesn't simply shape our perception and self-expression; fashion also influences how we are treated by other people which in turn can impact our mental wellbeing.

Not just the front-end professionals, but also the artisans, tailors and workers who are part of the supply chain go through mental health issues. Nobody talks about them.

Let’s leave the problem aside and focus on the solution. For people who purchase fashion, Retail Therapy is advised as a strategic effort to improve our moods. Research has shown that making shopping decisions can help reinforce a sense of personal control over our environment. It can also ease the feeling of sadness. Retail therapy not only makes people happier immediately, but it can also fight lingering sadness.

As Kamakhyaa brings to you sustainable fashion & luxury products for you to make a conscious purchase, shop your favourite products which have been pending in your list for long-term! At Kamakhyaa, you can get personal styling assistance, wardrobe edit, wedding styling, birthday party outfits, baby shower outfits and more! We believe in celebrating your dreams and desires hence also provide personalisation & customization with products that are made to your measurements. 

Focusing on creating a circular economy & upliftment of artisans, workers, we give a platform to these deprived personnel to showcase their work. Being a one-stop shopping destination for sustainable fashion & luxury, Kamakhyaa is a major platform of mindful shopping enthusiasts for celebrating their dreams & desires. Fashion forward and community driven, Kamakhyaa also focuses on the welfare of its fellow fashion industry professionals by supporting women led small businesses and the communities that they work with!

Far from the 24/7 flashy lifestyle, professionals across the board are subject to unique and relentless pressures. With high emphasis on finding/being ‘the next big thing', constant turn-overs and staying on top of trends, it truly becomes a stressful environment for professionals across all sectors of the creative industry. 

Let’s join hands and work towards a better community. They say Health is wealth. So, let’s focus on our mental health, adopt a healthy lifestyle & be mindful of our purchases because you never know who you’ve uplifted through your purchase. This will give a promising future not only to millennials and Gen-Z, but also to the future generations. Let’s open up and remove this taboo of ‘mental health’. Let’s dream bigger and bigger by the day!!!

We understand that discussing mental health is still a taboo, at least in India but would like to take this opportunity to hear what you want to say. Comment below to share your views!


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