Top certifications for sustainable fashion, the checklist you need to have.

Top certifications for sustainable fashion, the checklist you need to have.

    Most of us are now aware of shopping fashion sustainably and are willing to choose our clothes as much eco friendly as possible and garment workers to be treated as fairly as possible. But the question that arises here is how a person knows that a garment is made following the above principles. Here comes the third party certification for this.

There are certain guidelines, criteria and verified ways to know if the outfit is ethical and sustainable. Any certification follows four basic things: raw materials used, water and chemicals used in processing of fabric, emissions and transparency. Given are some top certifications sustainable fashion brands can have.

1. BCI 

11,000 million tons of Better Cotton produced by BCI-US | Trade News India
    Better Cotton Initiative verifies the cotton used is farmed and processed in chemical free methods. It enhances both the soil and farmer well being. It also promotes environmentally friendly farming.


Fairtrade Logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG, brand
    This ensures that the garments are made in better working conditions. It helps to follow the workplace safety rules, fair wages and reasonable working hours. The certificate is especially made for transparency in the fashion industry.


GOTS Global Organic Textile Standard, For Manufacturing, New Certification,  Rs 80000/audit | ID: 19677363891
   Global Organic Textile Standard. Mainly issued for cotton, wool and silk, the certificate ensures the fabric used is organic and biodegradable. There are two types of fabrics available in such certificates: Garments with 90% organic material and garments with 75% organic material. 

4. Oeko Tex Std100

FibreGuard | Everything you ever needed to know about OEKO-TEX®…
    This is an association that tests the raw materials, intermediate and the final products. It checks every stage for the emission of toxins or any other chemicals, right from fibre to the finished outfit.

5. Bluesign

bluesign approved - DyStar
    Bluesign certification mainly focuses on the legal compliance with environmental safety. It ensures little or no reduction of harmful substances in the environment and ensures consumer & manufacturer safety. 

6. GRS 

Sinox Polymers - Global Recycled Standard Certification (GRS) - Sinox  Polymers
    Global Recycle Standard is to verify the extent of recyclability of the outfit. It mainly focuses on the rising demand of the textile industry, for which recycling is one of the best choices. 

7. EU Ecolabel

EU Ecolabel - Wikipedia

European Eco Label is a voluntary organization that estimates the final product impact on the environment throughout its life cycle. 

     Also there are some more certifications like WARP which is World Response Accredited Product. Cradle to Cradle, Cotton Made in Africa (CMiA), Australian Certified Organic (ACO), Forest Stewardship Council (FCS), Social Accountability International (SAI). Day by day certifications are becoming more popular and are increasing in number, these certifications act as a positive barrier between brands and consumers to win their trust. 

HelloMe – Warp Records, LogoCradle to Cradle - William McDonoughFile:Cotton made in Africa (CmiA) Logo.png - Wikimedia Commons

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