My Experience with Self-Doubt

My Experience with Self-Doubt

By Niyati


Mental Health Awareness is a theme close and near to my heart. I am a firm believer that the mental health of a person is ultimately responsible for maintaining sanity and balance. As a child, sometimes I could feel that I wasn't as efficient as other people my age. I am an overachiever, which resulted in bouts of lingering self-doubt. This self-doubt cultivated anxiety in me. In the past, I faced periods when I would spend time in my room just lying in the dark. Intense nervousness before a big event, trembling hands, nausea, and other symptoms I experienced took me to a dark place. All I wanted was to be in solace, away from any interference. 

On some self-assessment,  I realized that this was degrading my personality. Thus I wanted to overcome this situation as soon as possible. Talking to people I trusted and jotting down my feelings was therapeutic and did wonders for me. Another huge aspect of overcoming anxiety was opting for music therapy. Music proved to be such a saviour for me. After indulging in music, I started feeling calm despite any chaos that came ahead. The lesson I got out of this experience was that I am my own competition. I should not be frightened by challenges, but rather embrace them to become a better version of myself.

Later on, I started studying psychology as a subject, which helped me by providing me with ways to validate my emotions. The older I grew, the more I understood that the phenomenon of mental health is paramount. It is quintessential to support this cause. Furthermore, I will always do my best to raise awareness and assist others struggling with mental health.

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