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 Know How To Give A Damn

To make it simpler for you, we have bifurcated the aspects of sustainability in two categories: Environmental & Ethical. Every brand at KAMAKHYAA ensures that it meets at least one of Environmental & at least one of Ethical aspect to achieve sustainability at the most. Learn how these attributes take into account our planet, it’s natural resources, the people and their welfare.


From GOTS Certified Organic cotton fabric collection to the collection whose production has been carried without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals, this collection gives you a variety of quality pieces that are made from organic materials.


Our Natural collection has been put together in ode to the use of natural materials & fabrics in a product. Having a variety of natural fabrics like bamboo cashmere, orange fibre, bamboo fibre, linen and cotton this collection severs the basic criteria of being sustainable. Natural collection is a biodegradable collection that also ensures that the dyes from lining thread to fabric dyes are either azo free.



Certified from PETA, this collection ensures that the products manufactured are cruelty free and for which no animal by-products are used during the entire production process. 



“Waste isn’t waste, until we waste it” abiding this aspect of sustainability, this collection serves a bigger purpose. A purpose that minimises wastage, materials living on landfills for years, environmental degradation and maximises durability. The collection gives a new life to the materials by the process of upcycling or repurposing.



To help minimise the wastage and the carbon footprint in the environment, these products are “Made To Order” which also give us an opportunity to serve you custom made pieces that are only made for you! Serving the purpose of minimum wastage, KAMAKHYAA also provides Personal Styling Assistance for you to get in touch with our Stylist who can guide you the best and also make you experience our Personal Shopping Assistance.


Help abolish gender biased norms of the country by appreciating these women led brands for their talent and support them to empower other women.



Some brands help uplift the economy by working with special crafts clusters of the country. It empowers the beautiful community-techniques of skilful Indian artisans and craftsmen, the knowledge of our enriched heritage and dynamic cultures, the boastfulness of the brocaded Indian fabric along with the well-being of our community.



We love these brands that give back to the society. From empowering communities of women by supporting them to be independent to making sure that the kids go to the school. Some brands have also collaborated with NGO’s for underprivileged children and the crafts clusters of weavers to support the society.


We also promote non-certified fair labor practices which prioritize the wellbeing of workers.


BUT…. the ball is in your court to decide which aspect of sustainability YOU want to address!

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