• It’s Time to say goodbye to “Bura Na Maano Holi Hai”

    So the question is, is it safe to play Holi now? Sorry to break your heart but it isn't safe to celebrate Holi carelessly yet. Yes we said carelessly and not that you can't celebrate at all! Let us take you through some check points you must tick off before planning your HOLIday.  🌈
  • How has Covid-19 changed the lives of many women?

    As women, we face gender biased conflicts daily, it's a part of life now and you know you need to deal with it, come what may! Having said that, in today’s world, as a woman you know your rights better, understand what’s wrong or right and stand up against any mishaps,

  • Journey of Khadi- From freedom to Fashion

    Khadi - A symbol of Indian Textile Heritage When one says Khadi, they bring up myriads of emotions! History yields some very interesting facts about Khadi such as: Just as many other handicrafts or handlooms, Khadi’s meaning and relation to India’s freedom struggle is glorious to say the least.
  • What is upcyclying and why is it important in Fashion?

    Our planet Earth is what we all have in common, it is home to about 8.7 million species astonishing us through their vibrant shades, textures and patterns. They are a source of creativity and inspiration that drives fashion and design. As the demand for fashion has increased with increasing access to seasonal & cheap garments & accessories, landfills have developed into mountains.
  • How can Indian Fashion Industry Use Coronavirus Crises And Turn It Into An Opportunity?

    The fallout of coronavirus has impacted the world economy with devastating consequences. India, at its no mercy has been hit significantly by the pandemic causing various concerns including health hazard, GDP slowdown, large scale migration of workers and  unemployment. For majority of the population, the immediate need to spend on apparel has fallen, let alone the need of luxury in fashion. Therefore, the prominent agenda for the brands is to figure out - when would the consumers want to buy and what would the consumers want to buy, if at all they would.