Celebrity & Influencer Styles with Kamakhyaa


"I am very happy with the quick responsiveness of the team for queries and suggestions. I would strongly recommend you to engage with the brand for a truly remarkable customer experience & for the wide beautiful range of products." 

-DIVYA BAHL (customer)

"I've absolutely loved collaborating with kamakhyaa. The brand name itself which I believe is after a goddess indicates volumes of female strength & fierceness. As soon as the package arrived it screamed sophistication & simplicity. The fabric was like a dream & was so delicate I was too afraid to wear it casually away for shoot outside. Besides, other values like it being homegrown and sustainable is something I totally endorse. Looking forward to more of these. All the luck !"


"I absolutely enjoyed my entire purchasing experience for all of the products bought right from the product details/origin/story provided by team Kamakhyaa on the website, the ease of payment option available, the entire idea of contributing to the society & environment by single purchase, the quality & entirety of the products, the ravishing elite packaging and ease with which I was able make size alterations and customizations."

-RAIN BAKSHI (customer)

"It was great experience working with Kamakhyaa. They have a sweet and helpful team, always there to help you and suggest you the best options.They're collection is amazing and mesmerizing! Must shop!"

-RACHYTA (celebrity stylist)

Self-care to self-love; the true essence of fashion

Oct 10, 2021 Kamakhyaa India

Self-love basically means the realization of the fact that we are all humans but have unique qualities. Just like peach, plum, damson and cherry blossom are all fruits, but they have their own unique characteristics. So, please keep believing in yourself and shine in your own unique ways.

Navratri Outfits signifying each Day

Sep 28, 2021 Kamakhyaa India

Don't know what to wear? Check out our specially curated Navratri Collection to learn more about the nine Goddesses of Navratri and know which color to wear during these nine days.

Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi Sustainably

Sep 06, 2021 Kamakhyaa India

When sometimes you do have the will to celebrate the Ganesh festival in an eco-friendly way but you often tend to hold yourself back as the very thought of compromising on festivities overpowers your mind 🤯  But how about if we say that you don't need to compromise on any festivities yet celebrate it sustainably ☘️  Yes ! That's possible. Thinking about How ? Given below are some of the way in which we can celebrate Ganesh festival in an eco-friendly way without compromising on festivities.

The Art of Healthy lifestyle

Jun 08, 2021 Kamakhyaa India

We agree that staying at home for months and not socialising adequately has increased stress in our lives. To overcome this, we would suggest you should restart your daily activities in a fresh mode once again! Rejuvenate yourselves with Retail therapy. Shop your favourite fashion products which have been pending in your list for long-term