The Spirit of 2021


The Spirit of 2021 is a collection unlike any other, it defines the ideal future of fashion that can be achieved by shopping sustainably. The collection is a perfect mix of western/Indian wear & occasion/daily wear to cater to all kinds of fashion needs yet keeping in mind that fashion is best when sustainably made.

We believe that a conscious buyer should always demand to know how their garments have been made! With this campaign, Kamakhyaa has introduced the "You Must Know" segment, where we mention how and/or with what your garment/accessory/footwear has been made.

Spirit of 2021 collection is specially curated with the most fashion-forward pieces, keeping in mind the latest trends, color palette and unique design elements.

Kamakhyaa believes in celebrating your dreams and desires, here you can customise products to your measurements as we are bespoke. For personal styling assistance (it is a complimentary service only for Kamakhyaa customers) get in touch over  +919910707750 or Email us: