The brand, Kavya Singh Kundu, was born in a pandemic. The world had literally slowed down almost as if it was time to craft a new way of living. For the designer, the love for handcrafted textile traditions had taken her from the looms of Bengal to the lanes of Lucknow and the gallis of Benaras. She was soaked in our traditions and explored age-old techniques of embroidery and craftsmanship. The brand came to life by reinterpreting handcrafted techniques with a sharp and edgy modern sensibility. So here’s unveiling a collection of slow fashion pieces with a visual language that’s fresh and fun. The basic ethos is to build a brand on sustainable practices of design and craft for the contemporary and conscious world of today.

About the collection: the brand uses sustainable practices and crafts to create elevated everyday fashion and also hope to someday replace fast fashion giants. The look and feel of the brand is trendy and chic, but also at the same time very conscious about being something that one can have in their closet for years and wear in many ways!

Handwoven fabrics have been used for most styles along with some organic fibre mill made fabrics too, namely orange fibre and bamboo fibre textiles for this collection. The reason to do so was very deliberate because we not only want to deliver top quality products that have sustainable backing but also try to replace fast fashion.. Now given the cost of sustainable products, some would find it easier starting their conscious journey with a smaller step.. which is what the organic fibre mill made fabric pieces aim to do. 

The designer is a huge huge believer in all things shiny and blingy, but unfortunately conventional sequins fall into a dangerous category called micro-plastics and have a PVC film which is usually carcinogenic. But very gracefully, the brand has replaced those with SUSTAINABLE SEQUINS. 

Sustainable sequins are sequins cut from a 20% recycled PET sequin film that is the best possible alternative available in the market now and still largely unexplored in the Indian subcontinent. 
Check out their collection with us! For shopping assistance Whatsapp us on: +919910707750.