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Collection: HNUEF

Hnuef, where the letter “H” is silent, is a clothing brand for women’s wear. The brand name carries a story behind it. Briefly we would like to share the same. “Nuef” is an old French for number “9”. This number is not only the highest single digit number in the decimal system but also carries other significant values. In numerology, amongst other qualities, it denotes ambition, intellectualism, finalization, rhythm, justice. Through the vintage version of number 9, hnuef with its modern design, has a tinge of old Indian craftsmanship in the garments. 

In addition to this, hnuef also believes in “Sustainable Fashion”, very often known as green fashion. This means usage of natural fibre and eco-friendly materials in what is being designed at hnuef. Considering that the apparel industry is the world’s second largest industrial polluter, going green is not an option but is the need of the hour. Being as a stakeholder in the fashion eco-system, hnuef believes in producing and delivering clothes to its customers in the most environment friendly way and economically sustainable manner. 

In order to deliver the best to our customer, we focus on the quality of the product by ensuring to design your clothes from the finest fabrics and we take pride in not leaving any detailing unnoticed. We are deeply rooted to Indian ethnicity and we value what our ancestors have left behind for us as legacy. It is therefore hnuef from the stage of sourcing the fabric till the final finishing of the garment ensures using natural materials and encourages zero-waste. In other words, our efforts have made us a classic blend of traditional yet contemporary. Hnuef is a new brand but we go long back in our roots to deliver what we offer. We do our bit for you to be on “Cloud 9” because what you wear is all what we care. 

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