Celebrity & Influencer Styles with Kamakhyaa


"I am very happy with the quick responsiveness of the team for queries and suggestions. I would strongly recommend you to engage with the brand for a truly remarkable customer experience & for the wide beautiful range of products." 

-DIVYA BAHL (customer)

"I've absolutely loved collaborating with kamakhyaa. The brand name itself which I believe is after a goddess indicates volumes of female strength & fierceness. As soon as the package arrived it screamed sophistication & simplicity. The fabric was like a dream & was so delicate I was too afraid to wear it casually away for shoot outside. Besides, other values like it being homegrown and sustainable is something I totally endorse. Looking forward to more of these. All the luck !"


"I absolutely enjoyed my entire purchasing experience for all of the products bought right from the product details/origin/story provided by team Kamakhyaa on the website, the ease of payment option available, the entire idea of contributing to the society & environment by single purchase, the quality & entirety of the products, the ravishing elite packaging and ease with which I was able make size alterations and customizations."

-RAIN BAKSHI (customer)

"It was great experience working with Kamakhyaa. They have a sweet and helpful team, always there to help you and suggest you the best options.They're collection is amazing and mesmerizing! Must shop!"

-RACHYTA (celebrity stylist)

What is upcyclying and why is it important in Fashion?

Sep 29, 2020 Kamakhyaa India

Our planet Earth is what we all have in common, it is home to about 8.7 million species astonishing us through their vibrant shades, textures and patterns. They are a source of creativity and inspiration that drives fashion and design. As the demand for fashion has increased with increasing access to seasonal & cheap garments & accessories, landfills have developed into mountains.

How can Indian Fashion Industry Use Coronavirus Crises And Turn It Into An Opportunity?

May 24, 2020 Kamakhyaa India

The fallout of coronavirus has impacted the world economy with devastating consequences. India, at its no mercy has been hit significantly by the pandemic causing various concerns including health hazard, GDP slowdown, large scale migration of workers and  unemployment. For majority of the population, the immediate need to spend on apparel has fallen, let alone the need of luxury in fashion. Therefore, the prominent agenda for the brands is to figure out - when would the consumers want to buy and what would the consumers want to buy, if at all they would.